Monday, January 01, 2001

X-men: The Last Stand

Tucked away at the back I'm hiding some film reviews, there kinda out of date but I wanted to archive them here.

I’ve had a bit of writers block recently, at first I couldn’t figure it out; I was drinking the same amount, my sleep continues to be sporadic and painful, I still am with out a girlfriend, why couldn’t I write Then it hit me, I’m happy. The recent bout of bright, hot weather has took my cynical edge and turned me into the sort of sun grinning moron I used to quietly hate from the shadows. Yesterday I spent seven hours in a park playing fucking Frisbee, with my bliss levels this high it’s no wonder I’m word constipated. So, for the sake of journalism, I’ve got to get miserable, and fast. This is why I have chosen to go see X III; nothing will bring you down quicker than taking the geek train to disappointmentville, lets be honest, this film doesn’t stand a chance at being any good as I want it to be. But as the Ramones said “hey ho, let’s go”.

Shit, shitty shit shit shit, its going to be very difficult to write this review, I com – fuckin – pletly geeked out, I remember the first half an hour. Then nothing. Utter geek out. I came round later sweating, clothes torn, my trousers covered in dry nerd yogurt and bliss levels at a all time high. If contentment is the blight of my writing, after watching this movie, I’m screwed.

See this film, even if your so far in the geek closet you can see geek Narnia.



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