Wednesday, January 26, 2005

An introduction (of sorts)

How do you introduce myself?, well let me start with a story-

One day, not so long ago, me and my good freind where walking down his road having a semi-serious chat about personailty, what makes us us and/or zombies. Our conversation was stopped by one of the local kids, you know the ones, all attitude and Gola trainers, "mate! what do you love?" we where stunned by this little zen chav, this yoda like hooligan, we realised that to quickly people choose to define themselves by there dislikes and hatred that people rarely look at what they loved.

(we also later realised that he was refering to my I heart N Y t-shirt i was wearing)

any way I Love:

Waking up and knowing thats its been snowing just by the quality of light.

my family i was given and the family ive chosen

Eating ice lollys for breakfast

a good book

heavy rain

becoming totally absorbed in painting/drawing so much that your speech centres lose function and you have no idea of time

talking to people, anyone has something intresing to tell you if you LISTEN.

the sun, god i miss the sun

being near the sea, you cant have any real problems when looking at the sea (missed a deadline? fuck you im the sea. dumped by a girl? fuck you im the sea. dead friend? fuck you and your friend im the fucking SEA).

so there you have it, the real purpose of the blog is to divert myself from my mind crushing insomnia, but if anybody actually READS it then thats cool as well.


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