Friday, March 10, 2006

//It been a long time, i shouldnt have left you, without a dope post to step to// a post about being tired and going north

i have been utterly and mind cripplingly busy the last few weeks, last night i fell into a sleep so deep i actually got to dream.

i realised somthing the other day; i havnt said "No" since i was 19,

"do you want to come clubbing?"
"we're going badger baiting later, fancy it?"
"why yes"
"i know you havnt slept for three days straight but do you fancy coming over and playing crazy golf on acid?"
"yes, yes and thrice yes"

While this has led to incredably intresting life so far, it hasnt give me much time for rest, no body really says "why dont we stay in and watch Bargin Hunt?"

so im sorry if i havnt updated in a bit, ive been busy living.

last weekend i got into a big iron moving box which my freind then drived to leicster, i had a fantastic night which i attribute to the good company and stolen champange (mostly the champagne), we poduim danced the club to the ground and then walk five miles for a buger, in the snow. i suspect there are songs being sung by travelling bards about the three birmingham lads that danced a club to death.

more soon when less tired and more funny


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