Friday, December 07, 2007

Merry Christmas (or die in the attempt)

I love Christmas, or rather I really really want to. A for effort defiantly, but one of the many differences between school and reality is that no one give a tupenny fuck how hard you try.

I suppose what really don’t want is to end up looking like one of those Christmas miserablists, the type who doesn’t really dislike Christmas but thinks that a scrooge posture and cynics rhetoric will lend them a borrowed air of intellectualism, as if intelligence and excitement can’t exist at once, and their sneering commentary will lift them above the tinseled masses.

I refuse to become that person, even if the magic of Christmas seems to be more faded and tarnished the older I get. Lets face it, Christmas through the eyes of any half sentient adult is an easy target, it can be the crass commercial nightmare that people accuse it of being, used to sell anything from electric ovens to vibrating cock rings. Maybe its easy to dismiss as such, maybe for my Christmas to be magic I have to work at it being magic, putting every bit of energy that an excited ten year puts into it.

This year I promise to do that, to work at making it special. Force myself to look past its cosmetic flaws and see the magic underneath, the magic that kids have always been able to see.

Right, I’m off to think of some really good presents, fucking make them if I have to. Drink Bailys and watch Scrooged fifteen fucking times in a row.


Blogger Zombie ranted..

Ah, that's the spirit. Um, if you're bored at all that Christmas tree needs a star making...

The way I see it, Christmas isn't going to go away anytime soon. You can either get wound up every year by it, or learn to embrace it - crap and all. Or just think of it as kitch, then the whole thing becomes so much better. You know what I want? One of those light up pink furry plastic virgin Mary models, that would be gooood...

You will never guess what, I couldn't open the help email those damn zen people sent me, there is some sort of problem with it apparently! Ah the irony. Cheers for that anyway, see ya soon.X

11:14 AM  
Blogger Titan Temptress ranted..

vibrating cock ring....... Chrismas just got a whole lotta betta!!! will there be a bow? and a man attached, on a leash, I would like a cute man, with a cute collar and a leash... and a cage.... and a ball gag, for when he opts to speak... cuz I don't like the speaking ones... yup, yup- need an address for shipping, lemme know...

1:22 PM  
Blogger String ranted..

i'll give you a merry christmas. right in the A.

1:11 AM  

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