Friday, January 28, 2005

my sleep hell

another bad nights sleep, every time i closed my eyes i saw a shadow faced man wearing a black fedora carring in his skelatal hand a scapel so sharp it could cut your soul off.

so i turned, as ever, to books, not so much to make me sleepy more to pass the infinate time untill i have till i get up

so the books i am reading at the moment;

Against a dark background- Iain M Banks

One Hit Wonderland- Tony Hawks

Fortune Hotel- short stories inc Nicholas Blincoe Dougless Coupland Howard Marks Grant Morrison ans William Sutcliffe

Introducing Psychology- I forget who by

Millennium People- J G Ballard

Channel Zero- Brian Wood

as i finish them i will reveiw them here, that should fill somee space


Blogger Rob Frost ranted..

Did you try to find ways to make the shadow faced man leave?

I'd tell him to leave, and if he didn't I'd find a way of making him leave, or at least put the scalpel down and give a reason for why he's there.

Hope your sleep get's better anyway!

6:21 AM  
Blogger Puck ranted..

thanks rob, the guy is that dude from "Anatomy Bloodfest for beginners" he doesnt scare me so much as i feel the last taboo of television, Death, has finally been broken. And as a freind of mine said "i litrally felt my last bit of visual sensitivty stripped away"

no matter how it was presented no way was that show at all intended to be educational it shoul have been called Daily-Mail-uproar-fodder-cutty-cutty-the-dead-showcast.

6:55 PM  

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