Sunday, September 16, 2007

idle fluff on a darkening day

Even though it looks and tastes like diabetic robot’s piss, I have been drinking a hell of a lot of Relentless. It’s an energy drink that has approximately the same go faster chemicals as its competitors, but is served in nearly pint size cans. I’ve been drinking so much in fact that over the past few days, when I haven’t drank any, my stomach feels decidedly weird and I’ve had to start drinking more booze to take the edge off the nervous energy that will appear and disappear at a moments notice; which is ironic because I only started drinking the energy drink to try and curb my beer intake in the first place.

It’s Sunday and I’m watching one of the last summer days be sullied by a huge swathe of black clouds swallowing the sun and draining the warmth out of the day. Winter seems less like the empty threat it did at the start of the summer and now a certainty. I’m not ready for Winter.

I’ve also been more than a little bit entertained by the MEEZ site, so I present for you, me, doing the robot, in an ally.


Blogger here kitty, kitty... ranted..

holy shit that totally looks like you complete with child's Halloween thrift store shirt.... very nice, very nice...

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous ranted..

I like that squeetlyspooch is trying to get at you, if you play the mouse just right its like hes doing the robot too xx

4:09 PM  

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