Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Three for Free, back and bad

I haven’t done one of these in a while, basically its music I recommend you should steal from teh internets.

We used to be friends Dandy Warhols

What: Electric bohemian decadence with a bouncy singalong chorus.

When: Drinking Vodka while getting ready to go out and even though you don’t really want to go you’ve decided to look slutty fantastic anyway.

Stop, im alredy dead Deadboys and the Elephantmen

What: Pared down southern stomprock with a jangly intro leading to a solid rock and fucking roll track. What the White Stripes might have sounded like if they had been able to get anymore band members.

When: For storming out of a strip club because you've just realized that the last lap dance you had was from your superhot underage cousin and you was too blitzed to notice.

In the sun Joseph Arthur

What: Ubiquitous sad song heard on a dozen American dramas, normally during a nostalgic montage. It’s still a bloody good, if somewhat emotive, song though. Melodic guitar and slightly altered vocals, hmmm uplifting.

When: Sitting alone on top of a hill watching a sunset reminiscing.



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