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C**T may be the worst word in the english language

Cult that is

A big hello to Wayne Bent or, as he prefers to be called Michael Travesser, the Archangel Michael or even plain ol’ Jesus, if the followers of the wacky Strong City cult are to be believed. The cult are the focus of this excellent if somewhat chilling documentary. They also believe that today is the end of the world, so if you’re reading this guys OOPS, guess your infallible god fucked up again. Seeing as this is the third stab at predicting the apocalypse and the third time you were wrong it might worth questioning your source materiel. In this case the beardy pervert that slept with his son’s wife and fondled young naked children as they begged him to sleep with them.

I don’t know why cults offend me so profoundly, perhaps it’s the tape of the Jonestown mass suicide I heard a long time ago, a terrible ordeal of wailing and moaning with the echoing voice of the unhinged Jim Jones urging the mother to keep the children calm. Or the hijacking of a vulnerable person’s spiritual quest, which seems more like spiritual rape, an act I find fundamentally abhorrent. In Jungian psychology, there is a figure lurking in the subconscious Jung called “the shadow” this is all of your darker urges and weakness’ personified as a dark version of yourself. I think a more fundamental reason I get so offended is that I think recognise my shadow in both cult leaders and followers.

A total c**t



Blogger String ranted..

I used to know a bloke who i thought was a total cult, but it turned out he was a seriously wicked guy.

Maybe you should try spreadin the love a little more danbo?

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Blogger Miroslav ranted..

And SCIENTOLOGY! That's a cult...I'm in trouble now aren't I.

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Anonymous Esther ranted..

Hello Sir,

I am a member of Michael's "cult." I thought you might like to know that there was much to our story that Ben Anthony purposefully left out. Ben lied about us and twisted things to fit his purpose for the film, but our story was not told.

If you have questions about us you might find this site helpful.

8:43 AM  
Blogger Puck ranted..

hello Esther

Firstly, thank you for being so even tempered - i'm sure if someone had wrote the above things about my messiah i probably wouldnt have the restraint you showed.

I actually am aware of how how film makers edit reality for their own purposes and i certainly dont take the Bens version of the facts as "gospel" i, frankly, am not that gullable. unlike some.

but the documentery did throw to light some sailent events, for example the end of the world (the one that happened in oct as opposed to the other two) did the end of the world really just just consist of you guys wandering up and down a path shouting? that had to be dissapointing, i have to admit if i was making the documentery i would of added a few SFX in post production just to save you guys some embarrasment.

The other, and perhaps most chilling aspect of the doc, was the addmission from your messiah of his conduct with underage children. i understand the tiny leaps of faith you have to make spiritully when following a religon, i also understand that sometimes after one leap to many you can fell spiritully stranded with no choice but to leap ahead further into the realms of absurbity rarther than question things, but dont you find it odd that God can tell this man to do things like that. BTW phrases like"god moves in mystirous ways" and "ours is not to know gods plan/the mind of god" will not do as an answer here. Even thomas got to stick his finger in the hole.

Esther i really do not expect you to engage with anything i say here, just as i never expected you to find my little corner of the web. i can only hope when your messiah is passing out the kool-aid and urging the mothers to keep their children calm as they die in pain, or before he asks of you something that you can never get back, you have hada few moments clairity and have left.

i will be reading the website you provided for updates (its very slick BTW, well done)

Call me Danny, only the police and waiters call me sir

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Esther ranted..

Hello again Danny,

I can very much understand how strange and even wrong what has happened in our lives would seem to you. I will address the things you spoke of.

Firstly, Michael NEVER, NEVER, EVER told us (his followers) or Ben Anthony that the world would end on October 31st. What you saw us doing on October 31st is fulfilling the scriptural law. It told us that on that night we were to proclaim liberty throughout the land. This is exactly what you saw us doing in the movie when we were "wandering up and down a path shouting." We circled our land shouting our "liberty."

The December 15th date was another scriptural date that God had revealed to us. Michael again NEVER said that that date would be the end of the world. I promise you that this is the truth. This date was the fulfillment of the scripture that says " Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days." This is all wrapped up in the prophecy that God revealed to us. But, your question was about us "shouting." So I will leave it at this. More about these dates is explained on the website that I posted in my last post.

Secondly I think it would be best for me to let Michael speak of what God has told him to do. What I can speak of is my own experience of what God has done here. I was raised without a Father and hence my picture of God was very skewed. I was not able to view him as any other than a distant and disinterested creature. In our seven years in this isolated land, since Michael came into Wayne, Michael has consistently shown me the true God. In July of last year God drove me to go to Michael and ask to be naked in front of him. This was symbolic of my vulnerability with God. When I say drove, I mean that I could do nothing but go. I was forced by an internal Force. I was never enticed or persuaded by Michael to do this. What God set up for me through this was a GREAT internal healing. This is one proof among MANY that Michael is the Son of God, if there is any need for proof. Just any sixty-six year old man holding me naked would have done NOTHING to heal my heart, my picture of God and cause me to know who God really is. ONLY the Son of God could hold me and heal my heart. And NO, when I was naked with him in those times He NEVER touched me or even looked at me in a sexual way, EVER.

So as to your questions about his conduct with minors, I would ask you to take my above testimony and consider their experiences in that light. When we say, "God moves in mysterious ways," this is what we mean. I know for sure that the youngest girl who went to Michael was in much the same internal condition that I was because of her childhood. She also received the same healing that I spoke of. But, I will let Michael speak for himself on any other part of this.

Danny, my Messiah will never pass out Kool-aid for us to drink. You will simply have to take my word for it here. I know him and you will just have to trust that. I cannot prove anything to you but if you have a heart to understand you will hear me and believe me.

Yes, you are already right. Michael has asked me to give up MANY things that I can never get back. I have given up my life. I will never marry a man. I will never have children. I will never work in the world again. I will never have "a life." I will never have these things back nor would I want them. I will never ask for them because they are the very things that would take me from the One I love. I cannot, for I love God's Spirit more than all the world. But, I have never been asked by someone outside of myself to give up these things. It has been an internal interaction, something God has required and I have given. God Himself, and I really mean God and God ONLY, has asked these things of me and I have gladly given them. You see, I have the same Spirit indwelling me that Wayne does. I hear God talk to me just like He does and I must follow it. Danny, I do not follow a man. I follow the Spirit of God who speaks to me.

I am happy to have found your little corner of the web and I truly desire that you have a heart to hear what I am saying.


4:10 AM  
Blogger Puck ranted..

Hello Esther

Thank you for your response, I fear neither of us will change our opinions about religion, especially mine, but I would very much like to continue this dialogue, I am very interested in your beliefs and still have questions which I will try and frame in as inoffensive way as my limited writing ability will allow. Although what you may get out of our exchange is unclear, perhaps to tell at least one of the “cattle who belong to the cult of this earth” your personal side of the story.

You must feel very betrayed by the documentary makers after welcoming them into yours homes and giving them that sort of access, although it was a little naive to think that any other sort of perception of events was going to be represented, I suppose the point of being cut of the rest of society is that you don’t become conversant with the media.

Please bear in mind that while a know a little about different religions I am by no means an expert, so I would like to know a little more about Wayne Bent/Michael Travesser are they the same person? Do they exist at the same time within one person? Is Michael a religious name symbolic of his re-birth? I am confused because sometimes he is referred to by both or either names.

It would be remiss of me not to ask about the Two witnesses and Michael being asked by god to “consummate” with his sons wife, to the outside this would seem to by slightly hypocritical in regards the bibles strong views about the holy sanctity of marriage.

As for the non – sexual nature of your communion with god through Michael, if there is no sexual nature to these interactions how come God has never asked to do this with any of the male members of your flock, And if Michael is working through Wayne is it not possible that Wayne was still present during these communions, is it not possible that he, being a mere man after all, had a sexual reaction to it? I really don’t want to be rude in asking these questions, I understand that ones relationship to their god is an inherently personal and private thing.

Are you aware of other minority religions (please excuse the clumsy dancing round the word “cult”) and that each members of those religions, or indeed any religion, reporting the same feelings and experiences as you. Do you feel like those people are mistaken and you have the only route to god?

You are obviously well educated and happy in your situation, and I find it as morally reprehensible to tell people what they can or cannot believe in, as I do taking advantage of spiritually malleable. I am worried, part of that worry is because I don’t fully understand, but another part is because I fell that you don’t understand the historical context of people who claim to be god’s representative, their followers and the sometimes tragic consequences.

if you chose not to respond to this, then thnk you for your time. If you do then thank for engaging with me and i hope to hear from you soon



(btw do you celebrate christmas?)

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Esther ranted..

Hello Danny,

When Ben Anthony and Eddie Stafford came to visit us and film our lives, they portrayed themselves as being open and honest. They told us in so many words that they would be portraying our story in an unbiased light. We have been very aware of the lying and twisting that is practiced in the American media but in our visits with Ben and Eddie, they spoke negatively about “our media.” It would serve to reason that if they looked so negatively on the perverted American media that they were standing on different ground then these liars. So, not only did we hear from their mouths that things would be different in their film about us, but we also observed their apparent distain for something so base and opposed to their own way. I would not say that we were naïve. I would say that we believed and were unsuspicious of these men who professed to be in this to “tell our story.” In our community, Danny, we trust one another and unless a person’s words are proven otherwise we believe each souls testimony.

So, yes, Ben and Eddie did betray us but that was not entirely unexpected. As they spent more time with us we could sense their spirit changing and by the time they left, we knew they would be trashing us in their story about us. I, for myself, was not expecting the outright lies, though. That was over and above the trashing I expected.

To address your questions about Wayne/Michael: Wayne is the vessel for the Spirit of Michael. Michael came into Wayne became this vessel the moment that Father spoke Messiah into him. Up until that time, Wayne was a man like many others, following the voice of God to his soul but still experiencing life as any human would, with its upsets and struggles. The moment that God spoke Michael into him, all of this changed. He became a vessel for the pure Divinity of Michael that is untainted with human nature. Wayne and Michael do exist at the same time but it is as I stated. Wayne’s body is the vessel for the Spirit of Michael. It could be said that the glass is Wayne and the water is Michael. More and more as I have been with Michael, I watch Wayne slip away more and more. It is as if even the container is now dissolving and only the Spirit is remaining.

I am not sure as to why others have spoken of him by both names but the only reason I have used both is only to delineate between the vessel and the Spirit. I wanted to make clear to you that the same Spirit dwells in me as in Wayne, thus I used both names.

You stated that the consummations seemed "slightly hypocritical in regards the bibles strong views about the holy sanctity of marriage." First of all, how would this trouble or destroy the sanctity of marriage since God created this marriage and instructed that Michael marry these women? And if you do not believe that God told Michael to do this or that God would not do something like this, I ask you to consider something else that is in the Bible. Believing that you know about the Bible, wouldn't you also consider it slightly against the "bibles strong views" for Abraham to murder his own son in cold blood? The point is that when a soul hears the voice of God, he MUST follow it, if he desires to keep God's Spirit. God instructed that the consummations take place and then confirmed His instruction by fulfilling impossible requirements that Michael said must be filled in order for him to obey what he was understanding God was telling him to do. If you do not hear God's voice and understand the nature of following Him this all just sounds crazy and you won't understand what I am saying. But this is how it works. God makes laws and then He breaks them. He creates and He destroys. And isn't it His place to do so?

As to your question about the men I will let Michael's own words answer this, "Men are the image of the old husband, the earth, that had dominion over the woman, the church. The woman overcomes by giving herself to the Son. The man overcomes by yielding up his dominion to the Son..."

We have each had our roles to play in God's plan here. For the men it has been to let go of their "kingdoms" and become yielded to God's dominion instead of living in a world where they are master and have charge of everything. For the women it has been to yield up herself and also to show the true Christian's drawn out heart to God.

About the sexual aspect: The reason I can say that laying naked with Michael was not sexual is based on two things.
1. I was there and experienced the personal contact with Michael and know that it was not sexual.
2. Michael told me that He was not aroused and it was not a sexual encounter.

Danny, it was as far from sexual as the east from the west. I would say no, Wayne was not present during those encounters. They were very Divine encounters and I got that Heaven was present and attentive. It wasn't a human thing AT ALL. Michael just posted a post on entitled " Wayne And His Naked Virgins" that explains this very clearly.

I am not aware of others that have been called to the same things that we have been. Our experience has been a very intense one where we have been working out issues for the whole universe. It hasn't been about us, it has been about what God is accomplishing through our yielded lives. What others have, I do not know. I do know that a man is judged on whether he is faithful to the light he is given. It has nothing to do with religion or doctrines. It has to do with, "Do you love and follow the Spirit of God?" I have no personal judgment for any other "believer." I have simply watched people judge themselves. It is just this simple, "Ye shall know them by their fruits." If a soul hates or fights or gets angry I know they do not have the Spirit of God.

No, we do not celebrate Christmas as it has nothing to do with God or Christ. It is a pagan holiday that has become idolized by the "christian" world. It has also become a merchandizing holiday. These things are far from the Life we have been taken to. We do however celebrate the birth of the Son inside of us every day.

I have been happy to answer your questions but I feel that I do not have a heart to just continue talking about "my religion" vs. "your religion." I think if you keep reading on the site, you will find all of your questions answered over time. This is all about lightning and if that lightning does not strike the soul, all words are just useless. The whole reason God sent the virgins to lie naked on Michael's bed was not just for personal healing but to judge the earth. It is God's can of gasoline that is being poured on this burning earth. This is what God has been accomplishing through our yielded lives.

The "christian" world has turned Jesus into a clean cut idol but the truth is he was very controversial and he looked to those who did not have eyes to see, like a wierdo and a criminal. So it is with the second coming.

Danny, God is judging the world right now by the events that He has required us to fulfill in this land. Or rather, the world is judging itself. I have been watching it all over the internet. People are coming unglued and some have been outrightly declaring their fate. One man said, "Even if you are the messiah, and the saved followers, you are disgusting, pitiful human beings and I would rather burn in hell than invest faith in such a twisted, facist regime."

This is very real and very eternal. God is asking one simple question, "What do you think of my Son?" Each soul is deciding their eternal destiny by the judgment they place upon Michael. What do you think of Him, Danny? That is what it is all about.

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Blogger Ultra Toast Mosha God ranted..

Well, this was all jolly intriguing!

I'm glad I read all of this.

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