Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Lets make a new law

We can call it the 'creepyness abatement act 05', simpley put this law will outright BAN any twins over the age of 5 to wear the same or similer clothes in public places. its wrong and its weird and it must stop, the punishment will be on a sliding scale depending on age because there is a corrallation -the older you are the more creepy you look when parading around with a double. A sub-guideline of this law will also stop children staring at you while they sing hymns and prevent cats reacting to invisible threats when in the house alone.

BTW finished Channel Zero (Brian Woods) the artwork is amazing but does make the story a little difficult to follow and altough the story is a bit preachy the message is very relavant.

did i mention i really liked the art?


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