Monday, October 17, 2005

ultra cute tattoo

I have a confession: sometimes I go to the cinema by myself, now this may not seem like a big deal but in my head its crossing a line I drew years ago to stop me treading the moody loner path I was once heading down in my late teens.

as much as I love being social, sometimes at the thought of interacting with other human beings I get the same reaction as licking a nine volt battery.

I'm currently sitting in a bar waiting for my film to start and three pricks have just bustled in as if to make my point, they are dressed in what passes as smart in Burtons and jewlerly that would be gaudy even if it wasn't fake. I hate these people, dull idiots who practice pick up lines in the mirror and buy champagne to impress. Now they are talking to the bar maid with faux interest in her piercings in the way a explorer would unwittingly condescend a native. While doing this one is self consciously playing with his extravagant phone which, even I could tell you, is so much of a penis extention that it might as well have veins and the word COCK written on the back in day-glo.

The bar maids smile is as fake as the head pricks "rolex" and I hope she spits in their drinks.


Its later now, the film was ok. Domino if your interested, I enjoyed it because;

  1. I'm a style over content kinda guy- the film had over saturated colour and quirky cuts, editing and design much like Oliver Stone's natural Born killers
  2. I like Mickey Roarke (but not enough to learn how to spell his name obviously)

But the plot was over complicated and too long, that's not to say I didn't understand it, like some morons I heard complaining after, it just is presented in a needlessly complex way. Kira Nightlys accent does get a bit grating especially coupled with the pseudo-meaningful narration, which wouldn't have been that bad but was repeated over and over.

oh and it turns out the bar maid from earlier is a first year on the same course as me, and has a ultra cute tattoo on her ear.


Anonymous Anonymous ranted..

you like tats but you still aint got one ya fanny.


x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

11:42 PM  
Blogger Puck ranted..

we cant all have credit cards to rince.

x x x

10:30 AM  
Blogger phil k ranted..

HOW WEIRD (but oddly appropriate) IS THAT????

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Phil D ranted..

Barmaid sounds fit, dude. Why dont u try 2 tap that arse? Unlike the cinema, why bother? You cant pause it, or talk or drink or smoke or masterbait.....apart from that one cinema in rhyl, but they have different rules in Wales, dont they!? Danny are you free on tuesday night, i come out of plaster and we go 4 a pint 2 celebrate!!!

5:17 PM  

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