Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ghetto chess

I have just been beaten at chess by a ten-year-old, in like seven fucking moves. I'm not mad though, planning ahead was never one of my strong suits, and anyway there is a mother of a thunderstorm going on outside. Its weird to see, but give these bunch of ghetto-nightmare pseudo-gangster kids a chess set and they settle right down, not that I expected any less from them its just incongruous from the image they front. Some are pretty good too (as I found out). As I write an argument breaks out and the kid that beat me recites the last seven moves of the game to prove himself right. I know I couldn't do that.

Things I do with them that's cool

1. Play chess
2. Read to them, mostly I read Rahld Dahl using funny voices. (as a plus point this is also an excellent way of getting them to sleep)
3. Wake them up with the same song blaring every morning, if they don't get up by the time the songs finished I squirt them with a water pistol I keep by my bed for that exact purpose (Blister in the sun by the Violent Femmes its two minutes eight seconds long)
4. Hide round corners and scare them with a wresting mask.
5. Every morning we have a different walk to breakfast, one morning cowboy style, next day astronaut spacewalk, next day Monkees side by side step

This list is not a look-at-me-how-great-am-I-? list it's just to show that's its not all hard work and tantrums, basiclly i'm having fun.


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