Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Stress sandwich

Wednesday night of the first week of the last session, I'm trying to decide if I've been given nicer kids or whether I've just become better at handling them.

The time will come soon for self-assessment and I don't think I can tell them what they want to hear. You see as all touchy feely Americans, these guys are big on "personal growth" and simply don't think I have. Have I been tested? Oh yes. Has this been hard? Hardest job I've ever had. Have I got a lot out of it? Without a doubt. Have I changed or "developed" in any way? No, well only in the being away doing something interesting way.

Reading this back to myself it almost sounds bitter, but that is wrong. The time here has been very very hard, but ultimately worth it. It's been an amazing experience that will stay with more always. But sorry folks you're getting back the same Puck you all know and owe money to.


And like a carefree butterfly emerging from a headache cocoon made entirely of worry and bad vibes, I imagine my dear friends Mix and Belle to be escaping from the stress sandwich that ended on the eighth (the date may be wrong, it is me). I don't actually know the results but I am confident in this case the bastards didn't grind them down.


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