Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Beaten spleen

The days are getting quicker as things are getting easier, pity I have to start again with a fresh batch of Ritalin munching ghetto monsters Monday

My friend, Harry, is on antibiotics because of a bad reaction to a spider bite, pretty much his entire triceps has swollen and red like a beaten spleen. Being the concerned friend that I am, I'm trying to convince him he has lymes disease, telling him he will soon be incontinent and be so brain damaged he will have the working memory of an old lamp.

The weekend is so close I can almost taste the Jack Daniels, I'm planning to buy a big bottle, about the size of a boat, crawl inside and not come out until Monday.

can i just say, it turns out he DID have lymes disease, despite being told by the nurse and the hospital it wasnt. He only found this out a month later when he passed out in Washington DC.


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