Thursday, July 07, 2005


Someone has just told me there has been terrorist attacks in London, the power is out here so I cant get anymore news and its making me sick, I have gone from reading 2-3 newspapers a day and full internet access to nothing, total information blackout. Some of my freinds and family could be dead and I'm sitting here in the fucking woods worrying about a ten year olds insect bite.

I'm not really a betting man, but as a long shot, the French wouldn't have been a bad shout for responsabilty, they really wanted that Olympic cheese.

I feel like I'm thirteen again right now, we had a bomb scare every week at school then, no real explanation, just an uneasy sense of danger, images of nailbomb attacks in the news, and my dad going white and still if the conversation ever mentions the Birmingham pub bombings, he has told me since that he was supposed to be there that night, the pub was a local of his, only a fluke saved him and his friends lives because they met somewhere else.

Sometimes when in a pub or bar, if I let my mind wander, I try to imagine what it would be like, I see a flash, I see bits of wood and bone in the air, I imagine a deafening bang being the last sound I hear, dead limbs and a cloud of dust.

So who to blame this time? The Irish? I don't think so, those guys turn professional long ago, protection rackets and arms, forgot "the cause" and took up "the cash". Who blows up a bus? And the top deck at that? Not the Irish, they were good at what they did, Christ that almost sounded like praise, I suppose if we are to be terrorized the least we could ask for is competence.

don't we actually have to be scared of them for them to be classed as terrorists, knowing the British public the most these jokers could hope to be called is grimindifferancists.

this, as all of these posts, was written on the dates indicated and typed-up later.


Blogger phil k ranted..

yo dan. yup, u.k is a fucked up place to live right now.
personally i blame the americans.we had a bomb threat in town the other week.they evacuated the whole city centre.but it was a false alarm, so they had to blow up someones car, for a good measure.
they're (the tabloids) calling the london bombing 7/7. because we've starting numbering our tradgedies.
because we're jealous of the yanks....hahahaha!
yep....jealous of 9-11. hahahahha!

10:29 AM  

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