Sunday, June 12, 2005

What my fridge told me

Sorry guys, ive been neglecting this place i know, here are my excuses;

1. ive been sleeping much better, my insomnia comes in waves and at the moment i am in one of the good bits

2. ive been hella busy, between finishing the college work, sorting out this America thing and earning the money to do it i havnt had a lot of spare time.

3. my fridge told me you all laugh at me behind my back, critiquing my spelling and saying i have shit hair.

(ok so the last one is made up, the first two seemed so lame they needed help)

I got my mark in the end; it’s a 2:1. I feel kinda bad i did fourteen weeks work in a weekend and still got a better mark than most, my tutor Dave Burrows (or as we call him when he’s not there "the bear" cos he looks like a nice cuddly bear) said that he would like to continue being my tutor next year, which I’m very pleased about.

In other news i am to be an uncle again, this wendsday, we know its going to be a boy and the current thinking is that he’s going to be called Owen. Having proved it is possible to love my nefew without even liking the parent i look forward to Owens somewhat troubled debut and regret having to fly away a week later for three months.

Have no fear I shall be writing the shit out of my journey stateside, having both the will opportunity and the subject matter. In the mean-time you may want to check out my friends blog hmmmmm bloggy , he’s a hate-filled and spiteful lunatic but happens to be my oldest friend, we agree rarely but are held together by the ties of friendship, the handcuffs of a shared twisted humour and a common misanthropy.


Anonymous phil k ranted..

i didn't follow the hmmmm bloggy link, but i think i can guess where it leads to....
and let me just say for the record, i am NOT spiteful, although i am hate filled.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous phil k ranted..

oh cool hit counter by the way, you mentioned you didn't like counters before (because it revealed how few people read your blog), and i'd like to now reveal that over 30 of your "hits" are actually from me, repeatedly opening your web page.
sorry dan.
hey, waddya know....i am spiteful.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Puck ranted..

youd have a job, at least thirty was from when i put it up before, im still undecided about it. Do you want me to change the link title in the side bar then? yours is currently Spite pit.

11:11 PM  
Anonymous phil k ranted..

spite pit is fine.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous phil k ranted..

actually, on 2nd thoughts, i thing "The Illuminated Seer of Birmingham" has a nice ring to it.

2:27 PM  

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