Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Football fans are NERDS

Well why not? What actually defines a nerd? Obsessive compulsion to memorise every little fact and figure? Check. Unwavering devotion despite the subject being of little or no consequence? Check. Willingness to buy hordes of badly designed and unattractive crap bearing the logo of said devotion? Double check. Unfathomabilty to outsiders? Big fat double check with whipped cream on top.
The delicious irony is that most football fans are the ones that look down on the Star Trek/ Wars/ Gate fans, not realising the testosterone in there system is also causing them to fawn obsess over something just as silly.
I’m not saying one group is better than the other is (although fights between Trek and Wars fans are rare, which isn’t something football fans can say). But I am saying that you all suck and everybody is stupid except for me.

And yes i know that is a stupid cop-out ending to a badly written post, but it is half four in the morning.


Anonymous Anonymous ranted..

your so wrong Dan.
I beat a Trek fan up the other day. I hit him because he said Voyager was better than Enterprise. Haha the idiot.
And what is more, i hit him with a plastic lightsabre (double-bladed).
He tried in vain to point his "Phaser" at me, but i was just too damn quick.

2:56 PM  

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