Thursday, April 07, 2005

Welcome to MOBTWAT!

On a full bus? Want to impress your identical tracksuit wearing freinds with a moronic act of selfishness? Then why not download these tunes to your overexpensive mobile that will, if there is any justice in the world, be kicked up your arse by a rugby full back.

Remeber ALL our tunes are sent at MAXIMUM volume and in stereo so to distort what little quality you did have coming from your tiny MONO speaker

Text MOBTWAT1 to hear Beyonce at the bottom of a long tin well

Text MOBTWAT2 to hear a nameless rapper who ,with no bass, will sound like a medium sized angry wasp in a Vimto can accompanyed by a sad gibbon slowly attacking a cymbal

Text MOBTWAT3 to hear chart dance rubbish remixed to sound like a four year old trying to playalong with a Jimi Hendrix feedback solo on a stylophone

Text MOBTWAT4 to hear the sound of a Spectrum ZX loading "dizzy goes fishing"

*all tones cost the same £10 and are gauranteed to resonate at a frequency that makes your average person want to pull there own ears of with pliers, and MOBTWAT reserve the right to send you any number of texts at the same rate and randomlly turn up at your house and eat your biscuits. its no less than you deserve idiot. too unsubscribe kill yourself.

MOBTWAT TONES the perfect accompanyment to the random abuse, migraine inducing weed, and genral air of uncomfort that you and your freinds generate


Blogger Mr Anthony Keane ranted..

Come on, we all loved it when
We come 1 was made into a ringtone.

it did not cost ten shpondoogles though, when i had my first mobile. it would vibrate and we would have to whistle in order for people to notice we had a mobile and people calling us.

The good old days.

5:59 AM  

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