Sunday, June 12, 2005

Travel tips

*I hate to be one of those backpacker bores telling people things should be like this or you simpley must do that, but I do have to fill this blogg, do you know the pressure im under? DO YOU DO YOU!

Here follow a list of items I found useful while backpacking round Oz, (this was part of a e-mail I sent to a friend thinking about going themselves)*

1. a roll of gaffer tape. An object is never broke, it just hasnt got enough gaffer tape. Some of the worst distasters in the world would have been averted by some quick thinking and a roll of gaffer tape.

2. a pen and a small pad set aside for invaluable but tempory information and insights, the time of the next train, good bars recomended etc, if your memory is anything like mine that sort of short term memory information dissapears as soon as you see a flashing light or intresting couler.

3. popular book, too read, obviously, but when choosing bear in mind that after reading it it is cheaper to swap it with other travellers so books about drugs and/or murder go down better than books about carpets and/or spoons (if you ever find a book about spoon murder or carpet drugs play it safe and keep away)

4. personal cd/stereo, there are two schools of thought on this one, some think that by taking such a thing you missing out on some of the country and peoples company blah blah blah, i say that 70% of poeple turn out to be boring egotists or inescapable chirpy drama student types and if you have to spend x months listening to the chessy shit that gets played at most backpacker places you may end up stabbing someone.

5. a universal plug for sinks,

6. when traveling I have four or five waterproof nylon sacks that separate my clothes, eg t-shirts in one trousers in the other etc, this means if my rucksac leaks my clothes has that extra leavel of protection, and it also means I can pack and unpack easer and find stuff in a hurry

7. there are a varity of travel safes avaliable that you may want to look at, theft does go on its not like that common and its mostly oppertunistic, but bear it in mind. Leave your passport and a bulk of your travellers cheques in the hostel safe, at least take a small padlock as some hostels have lockers

8. don’t forget a sizable collection of drinking games and/or party tricks, for when the inevitable "where you from?" "when'd you get here?" "when you goin back" conversations die on there arse.

9. It helps to have a wholly cavallier attitude towards your matrial possesions, things will get lost or stolen, accept it, build a fucking bridge, get over it, move on. Dont take anything you wouldnt mind losing is my two cents (that includes your favourite T-shirt that some german girl "borrows" and then pisses of to Darwin in next day bitch BITCH BITCH!!)

When your tired or missing home remember that emotions tend to be exaggerated by twenty when your away. Dont give up or think you cant handle it after the first set back, its the stuff that goes wrong that make for the most intresting stories (trust me ive got a load). That goes for “meeting” people as well, by all means play the field, just dont get too involved and give away somthing that you might regret later, like your ticket home/family wedding ring/your dignaty.

While im here;

A Word About OZ Beer

Most ozzy beer is horrid bitter tasting tramps piss, but you will soon get used to it, the best of the lot is Tooheys New and Victoria Bitter (VB) which isnt actually a bitter, beer is served in the sizes
1) a “pot” or “middy” this is what we know as a half but in australia there is no shame in men drinking halves like there is here
2) a Schooner, most places don’t serve bigger than this its about three quarters of a pint
3) some places have started to serve in pints but you will have to ask

So there it is a tiny glimpse of my time in australia, ive filled some space and you’ve got some travel tips, group hugs and horlicks all round


Anonymous Anonymous ranted..

Gaffer tape and a universal sink plug?? Are you elderly?

HOw about sveral pair of sunnies...cause you will lose at least one pair out on the p*ss,

Nice smelling suntan lotion and cocoa butter for after sun so you look and feel sublime..


Funky toenail polish. Glitter.

Pen. Lip balm.

Money for Duty Free!!

Pen, condoms and yes quirky stuff!

3:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous ranted.. again.

Speaking of popular books.. one in your own language is helpful. Most notably in Thailand, where all the books were in German. I ended up reading Psycho three times back to back to starve off boredom and jet lag insomnia. It wasnt the most cheeriest of reads especially being a girl on my own. Nice.

3:21 AM  
Blogger Puck ranted..

Gaffer tape and a universal sink plug?? Are you elderly?

no merly practical, have you ever tried to shave in a basin with no plug?

Funky toenail polish. Glitter.

Pen. Lip balm.

i already presumed the essensials.
ha ha

10:27 AM  

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