Tuesday, June 21, 2005

innaproprate my balls

a good and dear freind sent me an e-mail from work (the same place we both worked, it killed a little peice of my soul) when i sent him my reply all i got was a automatic e-mail from The Man saying it wasnt "buisness orientated" and may have contianed "innaproprate" material. bastards.

its a good thing they cant censor the interweb so here for you Rich is my reply


Run, dear god run for your precouis life. Say hi to him for me - if he hasnt turned into work obbesesed zombie suit, he used to be cool now he will be there FOR fucking EVER, reminising about the time he nearly went travelling to his corporate clone grankids.

Still up for drinks wendsday night? my fone has been turned off so fone me at ******** and leave a message if im not there (leave your number),

Say hi to the rest of the worker ants for me too give them kisses and hugs and cake or whatever else will get them through another dreary work day.

Stay sane

fight the power


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