Thursday, July 07, 2005

a little less satanic possession

"I wish we had Harry", I laughed it off at the time but those words hit me like a kick to the ovaries. Harry is the other councilor for the bunk age and those words where said by one of the attitude filled, ritalin dependent, mouth monsters I had just spent the last two days trying to "bond" with.

I feel like the worse counselors in the world right now, if Gary glitter met Michael Jackson at a John Wayne Gacy themed party I would still pick thoses guys to look after the kids over me. Getting them to act like civilised human beings is a uphill struggle *sigh* I don't know what I was expecting, maybe I was counting on a cool accent and a good sense of humour to bluff me through, maybe I presumed a little less satanic possession of the kids.

Even the thing I was confident on is hard work. Khalid Mohammad is the name of my first and only archery injury in three years of teaching, I'm thankful that it was just a scratch on the knee rather than a chest piercing or eye kebab.

Last night one of my kids was pretending to cough (after a lights out funny noise rebellion) so hard that it made him puke. i dutyfully cleaned it up, took him to wash his mouth out and put him back to bed making sure he was ok.

2 minutes later i hear *cough*



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