Sunday, July 17, 2005

Small pond

Everything is sorted now (last post) I wont bore you or myself with typing the details, I will say that this is a very small pond with some very big fish and emotion are running x20 because of the stress of the job.

One of my kids got sent home last night. Drove away at eleven, Ibn was determined to run away from camp and because this camp is situated in the middle of the type of forest that would eat a child dead within 20 minutes we had no choice but to take him home.

I've been constantly reassured that it's not my fault but I'm not so sure. I suppose its knocking the Robin Williams-dead-poets-society-perfect-teacher fantasy I had before meeting the kids. Ibn is one of seven, being looked after by an elderly aunt, he is on twice as many meds as any human needs to be on (which is probably half as many as he needs).


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