Sunday, July 10, 2005


"Another rant about American consumerism- how original" says Harry, somewhat scathingly I feel, but to be fair to the man, he had just had to put up with me calling a passer-by a "bloated worshiper of Mammon" for the third time. But its not my fault you see, I was in the third ring of hell on the hottest day of the season. The sign out side called it a "outlet village" but you cant blag a blagger, I was full of Starbucks coffee and self loathing (mainly for give that green bitch my money), but the coffee was sharpening me up and I was externalising my self-disgust quite nicely.

basically this place is a consumerist theme park, each ride a name brand retailer with discount prices, a place where parents can teach there fat kids the joys of needing shit they don't really want, these bloated bastards were actually treating it like a day out. Its as soul-less and contrived as a theme park with painted borders, bland pop piped in through tinny speakers, coke machine on every corner, and a fucking shuttle bus to carry you to the car you parked no further than 50 meters away.

In a futile effort to stop me losing my mind, I found a bookstore (the only one) the staff were as surprised to have a customer as I wasn't by their lack of trade.

When did shopping become a day out? Take this mediated, contrived, soul-less shopping "experience" food court and all burn the place to the fucking ground and blow the ashes up your arse.


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