Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Furry sports car

New set of kids now, they appear to be better this time but I'm sure they will start acting all crazy like as soon as they have settled in and got there bearings. I've also gained a bat living in our shed's roof, we've called him Steve.

Last night wasn't a bad one compared with the first night of last session, mind you I wouldn't call most nights during the blitz bad after the first night of last session. Something did happen though, in the middle of the night about 2pm, a dense but energetic child called Elliot needed to go to the bathroom, shaking me awake I told him to "just go" so he promptly did, in the wrong direction.

Now its worth bearing in mind that the bathroom block is a long and menacing walk away and its not uncommon for kids to nip round the back of the cabin and pee on a tree, a practice strictly frowned on by most as the cabin end up smelling like piss in the sun. So I, being the child loving Mary Poppins-esque character that I am, decide to teach our erstwhile micrinator a lesson by sneaking up on him and scaring the bejeezus out of him. So, using all the ninja techniques I've gained from poorly dubbed films, I start my sneaking, on my way a buck runs past me so fast and close that I only know what happened by the smell, the glimpse of antler and the echo of hooves, that bastard jugganuat could have hit me so I stay hurt, it would have like being hit by a furry sports car.

Elloit took it completely in his stride as only a half dreaming 10 year old boy can and escorted me back. I swear the bat squeaking coming from Steve sounded like giggling.


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