Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Stinking PJ's

OD again, and once again I'm grateful for the peace, several bad days littered with good moments have passed and as ever I need this coming weekend so bad I cant even find a funny metaphor. It's twelve midnight on a warm summer night which is a good job because I'm currently sitting outside on the floor dressed in only an old towel I found lying around as all my clothes are in the wash.

Do YOU think you could do this job? Answers on a postcard, mark it

No fucking way
P.O. box No
Never street

If you can have this kind of morning, and, without the aid of dark and mindbending chemicals, still smile at the end of the day, maybe you should apply next year (better still go get a check up from the neck up).

You wake up an hour earlier than you should do (five thirty) by a ten year old telling you he has wet the bed, reluctantly you rise, send him to the shower and hide his wet sheets under your bed, and go back to bed. When he gets back he wakes you up again, you tell him to put his wringing and stinking pj's with his sheets and lie on his bunk until waking time. This of course wakes the entire cabin, that systematically gets up and goes the bathroom robbing you from the hours sleep.
Using pretty much every once of willpower you have you get up and "rise and shine" only to discover Mr Pissy didn't put his pj's on with his sheets, he actually put them on top of a pile of your clean clothes
At breakfast the girl you have been stupidly falling for (despite every inch of your brain screaming "Noooo you fucking idiot!"), splits up with you via NOTE! Which you have to grin and bear because you have to get the kids motivated to clean the latrines
After that another councillor takes offence and massively overreacts blah blah blah I could go on

The point is some days are like a viscous beating, just when you think its over the skinheads get a second wind and its time to slap on another smile. But when its good its like being cuddled better by a pack of tame warm cuddle bears with antiseptic fur and degrees in soothing warmness.


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