Monday, September 12, 2005

Couple of random snatches from my notebook

Int. pub at night

Drunk puck: (rambling) Late at night there’s too much TV on for the deaf, are deaf people insomniacs too? I’m like trying to watch a re-run of Knight Rider or something but I can’t stop staring at the little guy in the corner waving his hands about.

Rich: Maybe they’re too scared to go to sleep?

Drunk puck: ?!

Rich: If I was deaf, I would be scared to go to sleep in case someone creeps into my room with a sword.


Remember folks, the worlds most influential nation is being run by a fundaMENTLIST Jesus-jumper, that dumb oil drinking son of a moron hick bastard probably thinks he IS fucking Noah and right now is building a huge wooden boat. His last fuck you too the world that he had a hand in destroying, is to christen the thing “Kyoto”.


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