Saturday, April 22, 2006

If you see me, I may even smile

Finally finished the week from hell, I know most people are sitting way up there on there highest of high horses mouths itching with anticipation of spewing things like "shouldnt have left it to the minute then" and "I bet it wasnt so bad once you got started" but thats all bollocks; hand me down phrashes passed from pompus ass to pompus ass, first learnt from half watched episodes of Grange hill.

To answer the comments, FUCK YOU yes im glad I left it to the last minute, I really am. And once I had started them i was doubly worse than I thought it would be, every word had to be dragged from my head kicking and screaming, I now know less about the subjects I was writing about than when I started, garbled paragraphs that look more like a short story by Bouroughs than a carefully researched essay and thats when I wasnt just rewording the texts in front of me, if not wholeheartedly plagurising them. and after I would sprinkle the text with quotations with the randomness of a wet sneeze.

*sigh* but now its over sorry about the spelling grammer ect, i simply couldnt be bothered.


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Blogger Puck ranted..

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