Sunday, February 06, 2005

sundays bloody sundays

Ive always hated sundays, its a horrible shit of a day, squatted at the end of the week like a punishment. I imagine prison to be a lot like a sunday repeated untill your soul gives up and dies. Maybe it will be better in the summer when you can amble to the shops in flip flops and shades, buy a paper and spend the rest of the day in the sun.

If I live till im 80 (those that know me please dont laugh it could happen) i will have lived through 4160 sundays. When i do die i hope its on a saturday even one less would be a bonus.

anyone with the best suggestion of how to pass all those sundays will win a curly wurly and/or a slipper.

unless someone claims that tenna


Blogger Olulabelle ranted..

Sundays are fairly dire it's true, but not when the day before you've just been...


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