Saturday, December 24, 2005

the family infamous boxing day party

Drinking warm larger out of a can is my indication to stop, the “last resort” beer is a pathetic thing indeed, a bad compliment to normally a good night. At that point I have to ask myself, do I really want to get drunk so much that I will resort to lukewarm cans? Or am I so drunk that I can’t be bothered to obtain anything but the retched tins? Either way if the answer is yes that maybe I should consider sleep?

Tonight is different- the rare set of circumstances has occurred that negates both doubts, laziness has outweighed taste, and I am so close to drunk but not quite there it seems a shame to waste earlier efforts.

For a few years running my house played host to the family infamous boxing day party, a tiresome event that saw a large part of my family exceeding there normally quite outlandish drinking limits, and as per tradition was hampered (although never ended) by the traditional argument/fight.

This party lapsed in recent years, various family members spending time at her majesty’s pleasure and plain apathy being the main factors. Until this year; the doctors told my Nan that six months is their best estimate of her life expectancy, as long as she keeps smoking, and being the bloody minded battle axe that I have come to love she has actually upped her cigarette input. I can’t say I blame her; the best estimate without the smoking was eight or nine months. So being as this may be her last- the party was very much on this year.

Not much to say about the party itself, if you have your own family do’s you will know pretty much the sort of time that I had. Although I will say this: its pretty strange to feel so different and alienated and feel so much part of a family at the same time.

Uggh not even apathy can drive me to drink can dregs so im going to wrap this up as quick as I can, basically the party was like my sister- a good time had by all even though everyone involved knows the tragic overtones.


Nice as it was, I loath to bore you with inane Christmas fluff so I will only mention one thing that came out of yesterday. Both me and my brother discovered a love for Texas Hold Em poker, it appeals to him because of his balls out bullying nature and an innate mathematical flair. My strengths lie in my ability to read people and casual attitude to possessions and the concept of “winning”. We both inherit a gambling issue from our mother’s family genes which makes the games far more interesting than either of us would have thought. The only real problem, I find, is resisting the urge to cheat. When I deal it would be so easy to false shuffle, cut from the bottom and/or deal a blag.

My brother, although a hair covered ape, has a frightening capacity to absorb information so every hand we play I can see him getting better, I fear cheating will be the only way to best him soon. I wish I was less comfortable with that than I actually am, it shows my raffish and underhand nature for what it is.

Overall rating for Christmas: Bright with patches of Hmmm


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