Monday, November 21, 2005

Melancholy midnight booze

Its one in the morning and the taste of whisky has settled on my tongue, i am naked except my straw cowboy hat and comfortably warm. The gravel growl of Janis Joplin creeping out my speakers is perfect for my mood.

I was told once that writing is easy as long as you have something to say, but i am here writing just feel the keyboard underneath my fingers (and if i am honest, give myself an excuse for my melancholy midnight booze drinking).

Recently I haven’t really been doing much, mostly college and work so I thought I would tell you all about the time in Euro Disney I got lost. In a child’s maze. I was 24.

I was there with my girlfriend because we spent a long cold cold January weekend in Paris and it seemed a shame to go all that way and not visit. It started innocent enough, the Alice in Wonderland maze is ok its not just a hedge maze; sometimes you have to climb through the fences, over gates and you are greeted by all sorts of nursery rhymes, grinning plastic effigies and dead ends. But after turning a sharp corner I lose sight of my girlfriend, fine, no panic yet after what felt like ten minutes of looking I still couldn’t find her and what’s worse all the figures started taking on a creepy edge, the shrubby got taller and the tickling of fear had started at my back- you know the feeling when you go to the toilet in the night and finally your bottle goes just before you reach the safety of your bed? More searching, now bordering on the desperate.

At this point it’s worth noting two things, one: I did get out ok, I am not still stuck there communicating these words via a complicated brain link into the internerd. And two: I had at this point in my life taken an above average amount of mind bending chemicals, more than my fair share- about my share and a half in fact. I could have handled being trapped in the nightmare cartoon maze a bit better that’s all im saying.

What made the situation worse is that I could hear my girlfriends voice but couldn’t follow it, and my throat was only emitting a low scared whine. Eventually she found me near tears and hiding from the Caterpillar statue about three hours later (the actual amount of time that had past was no more than five minutes, In total).

I spent the rest of the day being treated like a five year that had been pulled out of a fire by a very understanding girlfriend.


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