Monday, April 24, 2006

i'd rather have a full bottle in front of me than a full frontal labotomy

I don't mean to sound like an alcoholic in this blog; it's just that I show so many of the traits that I come across as one. I've an hour before I have to leave the house for work, and naturally, when faced with something I have neither the interest or will to do, I opened a beer. It's worth noting at this point that because of severe monetary restrictions I have not really drank for about a week. I casually wandered into the living room, dodging my sister's kids and the resulting brightly coloured detritus, popped the cap, noting where my bottle opener was for work later, took a long sip, and nearly passed out with a rush of pleasure. In my head I went from slightly bored, work shy art student to Charming Whisky Rock and Roller. My knees went weak and had to stop my self from hitting the floor and landing on my nephews Power Rangers.

I don't really know what's weirder; my increasing reliance on booze or my increasing inclination to share that and other aspects of my personal life with complete strangers in this blog. My first impulse was to go up stairs and write this, the next swig of amber was as good as the first, and now as I reach the end of the bottle and with a little help from some max volume Led Zepplin I have switched from a mere Charming Whisky Rock and Roller to SWAGGERING BAR GOD.

I pity the people I'm working with tonight

ps my phone will be working again from manyana, get in touch.


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