Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why i was punched (not by mat - despite his moody look he loves it)

Although I was expecting it, it still came as a shock - I've been punched harder but this was a sucker punch, so the fucker got a decent swing. One second sitting there, the next a shock of light. Quickly I was on my feet, but not quick enough, he had already run off, pushing through the shocked crowds and dumb struck bouncers.

As I said I had half expecting something to happen, it started, as the these things often do, over the pool table, I was waiting for a game, pound down as the universal laws of pool dictate, half drunk but lucid. From a small crowd of malevolent looking fuckers swan over two of the worst type of student - you know the type, drunk on the independence of being away from their mom but not far enough away from school to drop the same tired bully shit that will taint their karma for years to come. The night had been going well so far, celebrating Rich's birthday and I was with two of his uni friends when the fucktards come over. One of the them swiped the black ball, behind there jovial faces I could see this was classic bully, this pissed me off, school for me was a simple choice, predator or pray, after a year or so being a bully was a lot more attractive than the alternative (I'm not proud but still stand by my choice), I knew "Keepaway" when I saw it, fuck it, I could probley teach these fuckers more about bullying than they are ever going to bother learning at their parents expense.

Both of them were bigger than me by about six or so inches but I'm stocky and broad, granted my shocking pink eye-shadow would probley detract from how menacing I usually look, but I was hoping that my complete contempt would show through my fantastic make-up. Not playing the game is the only way to win that game, so I head for one them, he passes the ball behind him, but changing direction is playing the game, so I continue to walk towards him, his smile drops, asking for the ball is playing the game, so I ask him instead.
"Why would you want to start something?" the question is a deliberate veiled threat that implicates him as a cause and also the solution, he backs away a little looking for his friends. I, noticing the stools behind him, change direction a little, this time invading his personal space and I ask him again. This time he tries to take a step back but stumbles a little, he gets back up and, pride hurt, vaguely tried to push me, I out-weigh him by a few stone. He looks at his friends and his confidence grows a little, by now although I know a fight wont start adrenaline is still being squirted into my system, to me adrenaline feels like ice being dropped into my stomach and I secretly love it. Smug fucker realises that I'm surround by his friends and starts making out that he can't hear me, I get closer, and he kisses me, properly on the lips like I was his pouting girlfriend, so I did what anyone would have done.

I bit him, I bit his bottom lip between the sharp of my canines.

He staggered back and was forced to sit down on the stools, smugness well and truly wiped off his bewildered face, I am no homophobe, and in normal circumstances someone trying to kiss me is flattering whatever the gender, but this was different there was a sneer on his face, the kiss was mocking, a brag to swish about when next out with his idiot friends. Basically sexual assault in the crudest prison tradition; a display of power from another moron alpha male wannabe when faced with someone that doesn't fit into his idea of "man".

By then someone shouted my name and showed me the returned ball so I walked away pausing only to throw a little air kiss over my shoulder, I saw him touch his hand to his lip and there was a spot of blood when he took it away.

I sat down and forgot it happened, until he took that sucker punch and was away on his toes. There was a bit of a scene as my mates chased them but they was long gone, not to ruin the birthday I played it like it was nothing, I had a wicked headache, but as I said I've been hit harder by bigger and by people with the minerals to stick around afterwards.

The headache lingered all night but only hampered me having a good time, and that was the main thing, that Rich had a good birthday. And for the record when I finally got my game of pool, I lost, but that I put down to concussion.


Blogger Shroom-Monkey ranted..

Ok first the pink eyeshadow is hot, wicked hot..... luv it!

second- I love your stories, seriously, you bring us along for the ride, and we feel like we are right there, watching it all unfold... excellent....

1:23 PM  
Blogger Tumuli ranted..

Same here. I even felt the punch...

But at least you had more strength and courage than the alpha male moron, who probably could not battle on his own on any day, without his goons.

8:34 PM  
Blogger Puck ranted..

thanks, im all a bit mieow about it now. like it happened to someone else, i suppose the good thing about writing is that it helps wrap shit up.

and as my brother pointed out, the smart thing to do would have been leave.

11:05 PM  
Anonymous craig smith ranted..

its ya bruv good night on thursday although we never managed watching a film i have to agree you can write a great story oh by the way we suck at pub quizes( dont know if thats a word or even spelt correctly)

4:15 PM  

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