Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bad spellers of the world UNTIE!

You know who i hate? you know those kids from that documentery? you know the one where there all spelling and looking cute trying to win that thing? yeah?

i hate them.

anyway on another note, i had my results from my slide test today and apart from a slight ticking off for making things up instead of revising i had this comment.

"I am wondering about your spelling, which is fairly wide of the mark - have you ever been tested for dyslexia? If you do have a problem like this, it could be slowing you down. You clearly have a lot of ability and a very good use of language, and i would like to see you do better in your written work."

yes i know your all shocked as i am 'how dare she say that?' i know your all crying. but i think there may be a glimmer of truth. My biggest fear is if i do take the dyslexia test and it turns out i DONT have it- does that make me just run of the mill thick?


Blogger Olulabelle ranted..

Tosh. Tits. Bollocks. Rubbish.

If you are dyslexic then surely that'll be nice to know and also it means you can hand in all your written work on Tape. (Strike that, these days I mean CD.) And if you aren't it just means that you didn't pay very much attention in English at school. That, however, doesn't make you any less intelligent. It just makes you once a child who was far more interested in Lego/Building den's/Star wars.*

I mean, did you know when the Crimean War was? I'll tell you. It was 1853.

Did you know Florence Nightingale had a tortoise on her ward in hospital? That she kept an owl called Athena? That she died in 1910 aged 90?

No, neither did I, even though I was taught it in school. I know it as of yesterday purely because the boy had a homework project to find out about Florence. You see, it's interesting now. Now I'm 32 and care about knowledge and learning.

*Sigh.* I really think we should start school when we're about 25 and before that we should be allowed a childhood of dicking about.

*Delete as appropriate.

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