Monday, January 16, 2006

handled the situation

Picture the scene, Last orders have just been rang and this weasely looking guy sidles up to the bar, waits for like a millisecond before barking for service. Now I mistakenly make eye-contact, just to show contempt at his impatience and chosen method of attracting attention but this guy takes it as I want to serve him.
“Seven black Aftershock” (note the lack of please) he states.
“Not at this time of night, sorry mate” I reply
“What?” he barks back, at this point I am beginning to think that maybe he is some sort of dog-human hybrid so I smile and calmly tell him, while trying to establish myself subtly as the alpha male.
“You and your mates have had a bit to drink so I’m not going to serve you the shots; it’s the end of the night lets just leave it.”
“You’re not serving me?” obviously he wasn’t crossed with a smart dog like Lassie or Scooby Doo, so I explain further
“Its part of The Responsibility of Serving Alcohol legislation, it means I’m responsible for you if I serve you or your friends, and I’m just not prepared to do that”
“Listen mate I own a hotel.” A bit of a odd thing to bark out that I think and now there are only three ways of responding to that;
1. “Really I didn’t realise that our jobs are a little bit similar, have the drinks on the house and we’ll hear no more about this silly “law” business”
2. “Then sir you understand the legislation that governs both our industries and the position that I am in, perhaps a complimentary coffee will make this unpleasantness pass a little easier?”
3. “well I own a hotel on Mayfair so that make me the winner”
Of course I said number three, and accompanied it with a wide shit eating grin. He mumbled “ arsehole” at me before walking away, but his heart really wasn’t in it. When I told my boss about it later he told me that I could have handled the situation a bit better but saw the funny side.


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I think you handled it perfectly.

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