Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Today I was out shopping with my mom (oh the glamour!), while we she was talking to a friend of hers- who I am pretty sure I have never met before- this friend turns round to me and says “have you lost weight?”. Now my weight is none of her fucking business as far as Im concerned, but as laid back as my mom is, Im almost defiantly sure that telling her work college to go fuck themselves would be crossing the relaxed and groovy mom line. Thinking on my feet I say, rather cryptically I admit, “well I did get my hair cut recently, so technically- yes” not the best line but I was happy with it, it even got a giggle after what seemed like three hours of furrowed brows and the deafening sound of pennies being dropped. Then this fucking old man eavesdropper behind us in the queue quipped “was your hair heavy then?” which, correct me if im wrong, is almost exactly THE SAME FUCKING JOKE, to which everybody laughed, a lot. Now I’m sure he thought he was being jovial and friendly but that was my joke and he stole it. And maybe, upon reflection, I shouldn’t care so much, but at the time, if I had with me my Hammer of Fury I would probably still be washing the blood off and getting bit of skull tissue from underneath the claw end.

I suppose you could say I am a little tetchy today


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