Saturday, August 19, 2006

Three for Free

STEALING sharing music is great isnt it?

In the book Generation X Douglas Coupland describes something called "Option paralysis: the tendency, when given unlimited choices, to make none." this sums up my music stealing sharing experiance. So to help those of you, who, like me, cant think of anything to put in that annoying "search" bar, i will be recommending some music. So, hoist the jolly roger, affix that eyepatch and lets sail to Copyrighttheft Island together in the big boat interwub.

No Rain Blind Melon

The ultimate cheer up song, listening to this song does more for a bad mood than a handful of Prozac and a massage from The Cookie Monster. Three and a half minutes minutes of sunshine from the early nineties that proves that grunge wasnt all misrable faces and comfy clothes.

My My, Hey Hey Neil Young

Neil Young is like the crazy cooler uncle that you dont get to talk to anymore because he once told your nan to "fuck off", this is a love song to rock and roll, from a man that lived during a time where rock and roll actually meant something. Speaking of Rock and Roll...

Kick Out The Jams MC5

The Motor City Five are your favourite band's favourite band, this track is there most famous a swaggering lo-fi balls out Rock and Fucking Roll classic. Short, furious and intense like a whiskey wank before a boxing match.



Blogger Shroom-Monkey ranted..

One week before Shannon Hoon died, I saw Blind Melon in concert. Awesome show... After the show hanging with the band, Shannon sits on my lap and goes into a drugged haggard speech about the signifigance of the collection of cockroaches that were tattoo's around his neck.. mmm ok..... It was deep, really deep......

thought I would share.....

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Blogger String2010 ranted..

i'm a council gritter, i'm a council gritter.


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Blogger Reese ranted..



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