Friday, May 30, 2008

Where I'm from

I have a special way of depressing my brother; sometimes, whenever we are walking past a particularly awful piece of humanity that seem populate our hometown, I whisper to him “you know wherever we go and no matter how much we achieve, we will always be FROM Northfield”.

This is what the toilets are like in Northfield; covered in blood and stolen clothes, those that are not are kicked in for giggles or shit smeared out of sheer malice. Notice the strange blue tinge in the picture? This is a blue light bulb put into all public toilets in Northfield to stop the floor from being littered with used needles and smack corpses. It also means every time you use a toilet it’s like walking into a David Lynch film.

We don’t shoot each other in Northfield, we cannot afford the bullets, knives are considered showing off, so we settle for pushing pint glasses into each other and carrying table-leg coshes like gentleman’s walking umbrellas.

This is where I will always be from.


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