Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I've been busy and super tired, working with these kids will blow your mind daily but run you the fuck down. Luckily I'm prepared for this eventuality and have a preprepared post for you lucky people.

34Free is my continuing series of posts designed to help those of us who are decisively challenged by recommending songs and artists to *ahem* share from the internets, i recently had a little competition where you, my beautiful freaks, sent your own in here are my pick of them.

An Effort for a Translucent Globe Skytree

What: atmospheric electronica, lazy drum and bass and rotary guitar all tied up with a big melodic bow.

When: convincing yourself that winter is only a brief distraction between the colours of Autumn and the pallid flowers of spring becomes a full time occupation. Stare out the window, the rain can't fall forever.

thanks Iggy

Still in Hollywood Concrete Blonde

What- before the band went all gothic lullabies and sad songs that made me want to stab my legs with lead pencils, there was a happy lil diddy that made you want to run away to Hollywood, shop overpriced vintage on Melrose, and drunkenly stumble up the steps to your roach infested apartment/Travel lodge on the strip... Great garage band feel that instantly makes you want to bob your head, sport a sexy lil snarl, and twirl about as the chorus hits, "I'm Still in Hollywood, ohhh yeah thought I'd be out of here by now" and personal adobted "we've got nothing to gain and nothing to lose!" whoa, that sounds about right....

When- when you realize that you haven't made it yet.... pause deep breath, and repeat- yet..... when all your lil creative dreams and delusions of grandeur are only mocked poses in a dirty mirror and your headlines are the ones that no one sees.... yet....... so you twirl about a bit, sport that lil head bob, and sexy lil snarl and smile to yourself knowing it is only a matter of time....

thanks Shroom

The Rabbit 12 Stone Toddler

What:Like the bastard love-child of Mike Patton and Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster that has been locked in the cellar and fed on fish heads for a decade, this track from Brighton band 12 Stone Toddler is the sort of music you might just hear at an old carnival – right before the machines come alive and eat you. This song bounces along like Monty Python’s killer bunny, smashing together huge riffs, funk, smooth jazz, hard rock and a xylophone, all with a wink and a grin.

When: When full of sugar and malevolence.

thanks Zombie

This is Hardcore Pulp

What: A tune which sums up the best talents of Pulp – namely making music that leaves you feeling as abused and sordid as a mid-teen rape victim. The James Bond style intro gives the illusion that maybe this time it’ll be different, before Cocker kicks in with trademark filthy lyrics wrapped in an almost paedophilic Sheffield twang. Best listened to while wearing a dirty mack and preparing to shock someone.

When: The moments after rolling off a girl, breathless and sweat-drenched, before throwing cab fair coins on the floor telling her to leave the god-dam house.

thanks String

good ain't they? if you still want to contribute send them to three4free (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk I can't offer you a prize as such, maybe a pint if we ever meet.

I promise I will have a brand new 34free for y'all within the week and some more posts real soon x x x



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