Monday, March 31, 2008

34free and back

Ok here's the traditional apology for not posting in while - Sorry, yadda yadda lots of things on my plate etc. Now I'm back and fully intend to update this place as regular as I used to, which is about once a week.

For those who don't know 34free is my choice of tracks you should be stealing from teh internets.

Goth Girls MC Fronalot

What: Nerdcore hip-hop ode to alt girls featuring live violin and lyrics that includes coding references, role-play slang and Internet pop culture galore. What we all really wanted Eminem to turn out like.

When: As an antidote to any “Fiddy Cent” that may accidentally fell in your ear

That’s Not My Name Ting Tings

What: As much as I hate to add to the hype, this sparse pop rock track is insanely catchy. Sounds like a new Sowf London reworking of “Hey Mickey”. The track is begging for a dance remix.

When: Giving mouth to mouth to a Labrador, who fell in a vat of blackcurrent jelly

Push Th’ Little Daisies Ween

What: Spangly guitar ditty from fifteen years ago, strained helium voice and repeated creepy refrain and underground classic that sounds like a corrupt midgets dream.

When: Trying to explain to your Nan why children freak you out on poppers



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