Thursday, June 29, 2006

dropping the ball

"Naming 19 individuals and 186 failings the Mr Justice Keith's inquiry found psychopathic killer Robert Stewart should have been identified as a risk."

Really?! you think!?? what was your first clue? the face tattoo? the racist threatening letters he sent a week before?!?

Really, what does a person have to do before he IS identified as a risk?

Give up gentle reader? i'll tell you, beat a person to death with a chair leg, THATS what you have to do

New test for potential prison officers-

match the letter of the description you feel best describes each picture

a) a violent unremorsful psychopath capable of murder
b) a voilent unremorsful sociopath cabable of mass-murder
c) grumpy bear from the Care Bears





Blogger Pedja ranted..

"Two nights before the murder, Stewart watched Romper Stomper, a grim and intense Australian film, starring Russell Crowe, about a racist gang that attacked Vietnamese refugees with wooden clubs."

I reckon the best thing you can do in order to keep a peaceful atmosphere is show movies such as Romper Stomper to psychopath prisoners.

"At 3.35am on the morning of 21 March, Stewart took a table leg he had already separated from the table and began battering his cellmate over the head."

This sick NAZI idiot killed the poor guy in his sleep. Didnt even give him a chance to defend himself! What else to expect from a typical big mouth coward nazi scum..

10:27 AM  
Blogger String2010 ranted..

to be fair tho, if he's a psychopath he probly shouldn't have been in a prison anyways.

sane people don't tattoo their foreheads.

9:40 PM  

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