Saturday, June 03, 2006

I should hate it because its popular

Big Brother is the TV equvilent of heroin, it hasnt got so bad that i watch the housemates sleep (unlike a couple of years ago). But i've managed to get so into it this year i actually voted.

For those that dont watch it or even ever heard of it, it is a tv show with a basic premise- it takes thirteen of the most unlikable people in the country, with hold some of there basic human rights while making these below average, fame hungry, deviants jump through various hoops and have them vote each other off the show at the end of each week. Where each housemate is booed and jeered by the baying crowd which has more in commen with a public execution, they then have a brief but pointless career in the public eye possibly posing nude for tabiold paper and is then promptly forgotten untill the next idiot takes our fancy.

It is then televised 24 hrs a day, with a heavily edited highlight shown every night.

I Really like this, and not in a student so-bad-it's-good-ever-so-post-modern-and-fucking-ironic way. It's hard to say what the attraction is, i suppose it's partly vouyerism, partly the fact that human nature is absolutly facinating no matter how contrived or self aware. But mostly i think the attraction is the desire to see the "real", in a world of spin, PR, artifice, airbrushing, photoshop and acting, its nice to see. Someone wake up with no make-up on, scratch there arse and go make a cup of tea.

.......or have your Smug, Hetro, sexist, bullng face smashed against the tiled floor of reality as the rug is pulled beneath your feet. BEHOLD Sezer, King of Blandville, so cocky and self assured that the public would never vote a gay man or a woman who's had plastic surgery over him, he never even botherd to dress for the eviction. SEE the rest of team SmugHet gasp and cry as there coupled world falls apart. WOOP and cheer as the "freaks" try not to in-your-face dance at the gutted "norms"

got voted out with 91.6% majority from the GBP

for an excellent commentry see HERE!


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